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Regularly cleaning sheets and comforters isn’t just about maintaining a pleasing and fresh bedroom environment; it’s a fundamental practice for personal well-being. Sheets and comforters accumulate a surprising amount of dead skin cells, body oils, and allergens over time. Cleaning them regularly is crucial for reducing the risk of skin irritations, allergies, and respiratory issues. Moreover, a clean and hygienic sleep environment contributes to better sleep quality. Freshly laundered sheets provide a sense of comfort and promote a restful night’s sleep, which is essential for overall health and productivity. The investment of time and effort in keeping your sheets and comforters clean pays off in the form of a healthier, more comfortable, and rejuvenating sleep experience.

Regular washing will greatly extend the life of your comforters, duvet covers, blankets and sheets – delaying the need to spend on expensive replacements. Home washing machines are often not large enough to create the water flow and agitation needed to properly clean today’s oversized comforters. The oversized sized washers and dry cleaning machines used at Columbus Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services are specifically designed to obtain the best possible cleaning for all of your household items.

Additionally, even if your bedding is relatively clean, spills happen. If you have ever drank coffee in bed, then you know the imminent risk of such an indulgence. Don’t live (or sleep) with stains on your clean bedding. Let our stain removal experts make your bedding look new again. As with any stain, the longer it sits on your bedding, the more difficult it becomes to remove permanently. Bring your comforters and bedding into us today. Or better yet, let us pick them up and deliver them back to you at no additional charge! Give us a call today at 614-588-5922.


"This place just rocks! They are efficient, friendly and willing to go the extra mile. Like an old fashioned place. We have been going there for years. And their seamstress is great for hemming and other small projects. She does beautiful work!"

Jenny S


“The service culture at Pierce is phenomenal. Often they have my dry cleaning pulled and ready before I even walk in the door”

Bill H


Absolutely love taking my clothes to this location! They handle everything with care, very friendly and leave everything looking like new 🤗 …

Bezitos B

What Makes Our Comforter Cleaning Service The Best in Columbus

If you were frustrated with the poor service and lack of attention given to your comforters and bed sheets the last time you went to some commercial laundry service in Columbus,  then perhaps it’s time you call us here at Columbus Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services.

We’re not your average dry cleaning service and our cleaners are definitely not newcomers in the industry. 

We provide long-term care for your bedding items

Typically, bedding items are heavy and bulky, so cleaning them in your home’s washing machine or dryer might damage them or not fully get them clean. With our comforter cleaning service, we can be your long-term partner in regularly cleaning your sheets and comforters to consistently eliminate dirt, spills, and even the toughest stains.

We use safe cleaning products 

Before we do any cleaning, we make an assessment first of the type of fabric your comforters are made from. Our cleaning agents are gentle and non-toxic, so we can guarantee your comforters are not only clean but also in their best condition after each wash.

We have an outstanding reputation in the dry cleaning industry

We’ve been proudly serving the Columbus area throughout multiple generations now and in that time, we have built a reputation for providing high-quality dry cleaning and laundry services to countless households and businesses.

We are stain removal experts

Stains are a common occurrence in blankets, duvet covers, and comforters and if left unattended, they can discolor and weaken fabrics. Regardless of the type of stain on your bedding, our stain removal techniques can almost always remove even the most stubborn stains, even when you think the are impossible to get out.

Looking for Professional Comforter Cleaner in Columbus?

No matter how mindful you may be not to allow any dirt or spills to get on your sheets, pillows, or blankets, you’d be surprised just how quickly they can become full of dirt and odors. Knowing how to wash bed sheets and how frequently you should be changing them might be mundane, but it’s important. 

If you need a team whom you can consistently rely on for all your cleaning needs in Columbus, whether it’s your comforters, your everyday clothes, those expensive garments you only wear on special occasions, or your leather items, Columbus Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services specializes in them all!

To start enjoying our professional dry cleaning services, simply give us a call at 614-588-5922 and we’ll take it from there.

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